Top Travel Destinations To Add To Your 2022 Bucket List

It’s 2022! I know how exciting it is to plan a tour to places of your interest. You are certainly doing that now, but if you are unsure what are the best places to visit in 2022, here’s a list of beautiful travel destinations below. It would definitely help you in making the right decision.

1. Crete in Greece

Crete in Greece

The largest island in Greece is one of the top places on our list. It is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. Its heavenly beaches are a beautiful sight to behold. The ancient sites are beautiful tourist attractions you need to feed your eyes with. Surprisingly, in monetary terms, a tour to Crete is very affordable. Isn’t it a perfect place to visit in 2022?

2. Antarctica

The coldest and windiest of all the continents on earth. It holds the largest amount of the world’s freshwater.

However, even though it holds the largest percentage of the world’s freshwater, it is a desert. Amazing right? Another reason you should make a visit to the place and behold this mysterious fact. There are a lot of beautiful sites in Antarctica & you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit them.

3. Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is another beautiful place you should make plans to visit in 2022. The beautiful artworks, scenic gardens, farm-to-table cooking, and many fantastic experiences and sights await you there. Greenville should definitely be on your 2022 travel bucket list.

4. Margaret River in Western Australia

While planning a tour to Australia, the Margaret River should be on your list. The Margaret River is well known for its timber forests, old underground caves, and Inland Rivers. It is not too late to include it in your list. You will fall in love with the place!

5. Japan

Japan bamboo forest

Wondering why Japan is on the list? Read through to the end to satisfy your curiosity. Japan guarantees you an adventurous visit, as it has a lot of features to attract tourists. Japan is very safe and clean. It has a lot of natural sites of attractions to visit.

One of the beautiful tourist sites to visit is Mount Fuji, other tourist places are; the Arishiyama bamboo forest and the Byodoin Buddhist temple in Uji.

The above-listed destinations are researched and verified places you should visit in 2022. However, these are not the only interesting places to visit as there are still other beautiful places across the globe.

The Earth is indeed blessed with beautiful and unique sites. Travelling gives you a thrilling experience and offers you the benefit of admiring mother Nature. Add at least any one of the above-listed travel destinations to your 2022 bucket list to make your next tour a remarkable one.