3 Unbelievable Things Actors Actually Spent Money On

Brad Pitt/Facebook

From time to time, we tend to remember that movie we watched a while back. That comedy that made us laugh our lungs out. That romance that brought our minds to reflect on our own very love life and its future. The mystery or thriller that made us sit up on the sofa, our full attention glued to the TV set with no idea whatsoever, of the happenings around us. And, of course my very own favorite, that paranormal or horror that gave us goosebumps all over. 

But why? Why do such recollections of movies bump into our consciousness often? The answer? Actors and actresses. Aside from the other factors that make up a good movie, the cast (…made up of the actors and actresses…), has a huge role to play in order to leave that lasting effect on our minds. And because of that…we continually spend money. Yup… a huge amount of greenbacks just to see our favorite actors and actresses in action. 

So what do they do with all that cash? We will be looking at three ridiculous and unbelievable things actors actually spent money on. 

#3: A Mattress

Ever heard of a $17,000 mattress? Most young adults who don’t live with their parents spend less than $17,000 a year on rent. But our man went a stride (…or a mile?) further. I mean, when you’re paid $320,000 at age eleven, $17,000 is chicken change…right? He was in the bathroom when he received the news that he got the role of Harry Potter. You could imagine how much stoked up he was after that. And yup, it’s no other than our very own Daniel Radcliffe. With a net worth of over a $110 million, that kind of purchase won’t put his account in the red. 

#2: A 1942 Motorbike

He was an Oscar nominee. Thrice! With deep obsession for the Nazi war, he just had to add another ‘prize’ to his collection – an old bike earlier used to ride the Nazis across one of Greece’s largest islands. It was sold at an auction for a whopping $387,000 …and he bought it without a sweat (…well maybe a little…). There were only about 500 left and he saw it a huge priority to purchase one for himself. Why? Because he could afford to!  “Even the parts are expensive if they are original, I  had to replace a small piece of metal on this bike and it cost me 1,500 pounds [$2,300]”. Those were the words of the man who sold the bike to him. Ever watched World War Z? Yup. It’s Brad Pitt.

#1: A Dinosaur Skull

Of course, this short list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Nicolas Cage. Sometimes, it’s a wonder how he spent most of his $150 million wealth. But…it is what it is. It was at an auction where his outdid everyone, (…even di Caprio…) and ended up buying a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull for $276,000! That’s about five times the average salary in the US. Think on that! Unfortunately though, he didn’t eventually get to have it as it was later found out the skull was stolen meaning he had to return it back. When later asked how he felt about all that, he replied with “That stunk”. Really Cage?

There we have it. When you have so much cash on your hands you don’t know what to do with, a ‘little’ indulgence won’t do harm.