The New Skincare Trends In 2022


Ready? Set, glow!

Chances are you are here because skincare is part of your 2022 new year’s resolution. As we get ready to hop into 2022, it is good to be up to date with the skincare trend convenient for your skin.

Whether you are skincare obsessive, new to the skincare world, or completely do not know about skincare, skin irritation does not pick. It is most likely you have encountered itchy skin, redness, acne, or something as simple as sore patches. Skin is a sensitive part. It requires delicate care, from the products you use to how you use them.

The skincare trend in 2022 will change for the better. New Innovations or improved skincare trends. The long routine, the bulky product replaced by a much simple routine, fewer products, and gentler ingredients.  You know, too much of something is poisonous.

According to experts and skincare enthusiasts, here is the skincare trend that will be huge on your skin in 2022.


Microcurrent Therapy

The microcurrent therapy ( simple a” face workout”) will skyrocket in 2022 with more celebrities warmly incorporating it into their skincare routine. 

The use of low current treatment through micro shading and LED facemasks is an amazing way to keep a firm, plump and radiant skin.


Cryotherapy leaves the skin looking, feeling, and healthy. If ever you had puffy eyes and fixed the situation with ice cubes, great! You are officially a skin therapist!

Cryotherapy makes the skin more firm and rejuvenated, and with the hardness of tools and formula for the same, this skincare will be everywhere in 2022.

Increase In Spf Skincare Products

According to Katherine Daniels, there will be an increase in SPF in skincare products. The blue light emission from the electronics we use like TV laptops & phones results in premature aging, saggy skin, and wrinkles. Therefore, SPF protects against blue light.

Return Of Solid Products

“I think the next big boom in skincare will be the resurgence of bar soaps,” says Shereen Idriss, a certified dermatologist

Bar soaps, ancient care products, almost 4000 years old, are back in the picture, better than before. 

Big companies like Dove (dove beauty bar), Peach, and Payot (the payot face and body massage bar) have revived solid bar soaps. 


Skinification Of The Underarm

Light has been shade on skincare as a whole-body practice. For most people, underarms are less of their concern, not anymore. Other body parts will receive attention, apart from the face.

Senior strategist Emma Grace Bailey says that due to skinification, armpits’ deodorizing, moisturizing and cleansing products will emerge.

“Products for the armpits will upgrade as consumers look to apply the same care and attention to their underarms as their faces,” says Emma.

Skincare is a very vast topic; the discussion about skincare is never-ending. However, while expecting better, glowing, and rejuvenated skin, remember that the skincare trend that works for me might not work for you. Care for yourself responsibly.