Subtle Secrets to a Better Life

Secrets to a Better Life

“Argh!”, you scream loudly. “Not again”. Brushing your hands through your hair, you pace around the room not knowing what to do. Confusion is quite an understatement of how you’re feeling at that moment. You look at yourself in the mirror with deep frustration and anguish written all over your face. It’s happened again.

That wave of despairing events just hit you…again. You lost your job. Your spouse just signed the divorce papers…and worst of all…your dear mum, the one with who you shared most intimate moments, just met her life-ending demise. “There’s no hope anymore. In fact, I feel I should just end my life right here and now”… Hold up! 

You often hear it said that life is short, hard, and difficult. Life is a roller-coaster of worries, troubles, and sadness. But the thing here is…who really said so? Yes, there are challenges. Yes, some circumstances would drive you to the limit. But…are these not what every situation meant to make us better is all about?

Coming from one who has had her generous share of disappointments in life and scaled through despite harrowing experiences, let’s have a glimpse at the subtle secrets to a better life that made her more resilient…shall we?

Be grateful for the little things

This may sound cliché but that is because it’s true. There is no other way to say this. You know, every single action you perform from waking up in the morning, walking, laughing…even to fighting(…that’s right), are accomplishments that tons of others find quite a herculean task to perform. You finally made time out to take the dog for a walk, be grateful. You just finalized the travel engagements for the upcoming vacation, be grateful. After much tinkering here and there, you just completed that little project, my dear, be grateful. Who knows how many others actually had that idea in mind but still couldn’t seem to finish it?

Always look at the positive side

I know. You’ve heard this over and over yet again from different sources. There’s even a word for it. ‘Optimism’…right? But have you ever wondered why this is repeated time and time again? Not only is it true and not only because there is no other way to say it(…if this was what you thought I was going to say), but…the singular reason is because being optimistic at every gloomy situation results in a huge amount of happiness. Still sounds overused?

Allowing our mood to be a function of the situation we face isn’t, no matter how we look at it, just the right way to go. Yes, there may be situations just like the death of a loved one that strains your ‘happiness’ capacity but looking at the positive side of things always helps a lot. You may ask “What is the positive side to that anyway?”. What if your child, the one who was to carry on your legacy, died…huh?

Share your problems with others

This is my favorite and one which I most times emphasize. “No man is an island”—cliché, but true. C’mon folks. Let it out…please. It’s no sign of weakness but rather that of strength. I mean, no reasonable person will see you as a weakling for telling them what you’re going through. Everybody has problems no matter how little and it would be totally ridiculous to judge others on the gravity of theirs. In my opinion, bottling up our problems often begets negative results, some even up to the point of harboring suicidal thoughts. By sharing them, we may likely be on the right track to solving them. After all, two heads are better than one, right?

As it is often said, “life is not a bed of roses nor is it a bed of thorns”. It involves a compilation of events that can either make or mar our happiness and as such, implementing these few subtle secrets are inherent to actualizing that dream of a better life.