The New Year is Knocking: What Will It Be?

New Year 2022

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written”. Melody Beattie

Wow! A lot of time has passed by so fast. I mean, wasn’t it some months back we literally jumped around the streets with smiles on our faces? The joy that stemmed from nothing else but deep happiness that we made it? Into a new year? Into another season? We couldn’t tell what laid in store for us, at least for the most part, but we sure knew it was gonna be better.

What with the sad global pandemic that ravaged the entire world. The virus though as minuscule as it was, brought about a questionable future to the fate of humanity. But we passed over all the obstacles. We proved we were unbeatable to every challenge which came to our lives during the past year.

…Or did we?…

It’s that time of the year again folks. The time when we sit down in a cozy place (…well maybe not really that cozy…), and reevaluate our lives from different perspectives. What have we achieved so far? Did we do all that we set out to? Are there any unresolved matters? What’s in store for us this coming year?… Any answers?

The arrival of a new year comes with so many questions as well as responsibilities. Numerous tasks that demand undivided attention. Solid resolutions that require dogged consistency. Countless distractions that test our laser focus. How do we then scale through all those? How do we, as imperfect as we are, tackle the impending circumstances with near-perfect dexterity? 

For we as humans to fully accept the coming of a new year, we must look deep within ourselves and ask the big questions. It’s no news that we aren’t getting any younger and as we usually hear it said, “Age is one thing that can never be reduced”. Yes, we may purchase anti-aging creams to make us look younger than our years and all, but deep down, we do know we could never relive those years.

It may sound brutal, but…there is just no other way to put it. Every passing hour cumulates into days, into weeks, months, and eventually… years. There is just no turning back. 

What value have we added to our lives this year? If we were able to come out from our bodies for a brief moment and have a look at ourselves, would a smile ensue? Let’s imagine we are five years in the future, what can be said about our lifestyle this year 2021? Are we gonna nod our heads in satisfaction or shake them in displeasure? 

If your answer was the latter, don’t judge yourself. You’ve gone a long way just by being honest. The question now should be, “How do I ensure a more productive 2022?”

Developing a passion for whatsoever you do has a lot of benefits in store. It enables you to live a more fulfilled life while worrying less about how you spend your time. We all know of those boring nine-to-five jobs that most folks take on all in a bid to be able to cater for themselves and their family. They wake up in the morning only to groan at the prospect of another day in the workplace. By the time they discover the dire consequences, a lot of time would have passed by.

Do we want to take on this path? The only way to avoid this is by finding out what we love doing and actually doing it despite the opposition that may likely come our way.

Also, finding out the right circle of friends should be a top priority this coming year. They are the ones who will mold us into better individuals and as such, the friendship process should be taken seriously.

A new year is a thing of joy but should also be taken very seriously as it can either build or break our future depending on how we act. As the approaching new year knocks on our doors, the question to ask ourselves is, “What will it be?”.