Is There More To Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Than We Already Know?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

From The Scorpion King to Red Notice, the popular actor, Dwayne Johnson widely known as ‘The Rock’ has not failed to give us quality experience. Be it action, thrillers, mystery and, of course comedy, he has shown us time and again that he is one of a kind. For most of his fans who have watched most (…probably even all…) his movies, there’s a feeling that everything there is to know about him has been revealed, right?

There’s a confidence, evident in little bragging and boasting here and there, that all questions asked about every facet of his life can be answered in just a matter of seconds. You think? Well here are some facts about this huge guy you just might have skipped.

•When Dwayne Johnson was a kid, his nickname was ‘Dewey’. This was given by his godmother. Just imagine being called that in front of homies. Not cool, right?

• Dwayne Johnson comes from a family of fighters. Not surprising though, considering his six-foot frame. Both his father and grandfather were pro wrestlers. And, his grandmother too (…yup…) was also one of the founders of Polynesian Pro wrestling.

• You’ve ever seen the tattoo on Dwayne Johnson? Do you know how many hours it took? Sixty solid hours! Divided into three sessions of 20 hours each, it was grueling. No doubt our man endured all that.

• About six years ago in 2015, Dwayne Johnson won our hearts again by donating $1500 to a GoFundMe rally for a surgery on an abandoned dog.

• Dwayne Johnson once held a Guinness World Record for the most selfies taken in three minutes. It was at a London premiere of the film San Andreas where he took different selfies with fans (…some were deleted of course…)

• At his depressing points, Dwayne Johnson had just $7 in his wallet. He was in the car with his father when he decided to check and was dumbstruck. ‘$7’ would then later become an instrumental part of his life.

• He once dreamed of becoming a CIA agent. You ever felt that admiration for investigators? How they look cool in their jackets and all that? Well…it didn’t escape Dwayne Johnson either. Because of his love for the CIA, and also because he wanted to be one, he studied Criminology and Physiology at the University of Miami.

• Dwayne Johnson had the skills to become a superb footballer. When he was in high school, he decided to just try out for the football team and ended up doing so well he even got a scholarship. But…as fate would have it, he couldn’t continue that career. We just might have not known him if he did…right?

• While acting The Scorpion King, he mistakenly hit his colleague very hard. Imagine being hit unexpectedly hard by a former pro wrestler. The victim eventually got knocked out in the process. Ouch!

There we have it. With a net worth of over $280 million (…did you know that?), there are much more things to know about our star, Dwayne Johnson.